Femel is a fashion brand that is primarily intended for a modern business woman who needs to be dressed in a practical and multifunctional and at the same time elegant and feminine clothing from morning to night, with an emphasis on line purity and minimalism, a classy and timeless design with a dose of relaxation, romance and glamor.

We pay special
attention to quality

The idea behind the brand is to enable women to feel empowered, free and confident in every piece of clothing, as well as ready for everyday challenges. We want to make our clothing functional and supportive on all occasions, whether it is business meeting or receptions, parenting meeting or a coffee with friends after work.

We pay special attention to the cut quality, the use of high quality materials and ultimately the quality of each piece to make each model stand out regardless of the size and body shape. Currently, all models are available in sizes from 34 to 46, depending on the model.

Our products

The core of all collections are so-called “day to night” dresses suitable for both day and evening occasions or business combinations as well as for more relaxed and casual variants. In addition to dresses, skirts and tops are also available.

Being happy never goes out of style.

Sophisticated and multipurpose clothing, classic with a shift and timeless elegance are the imperative of our brand.


Phone: +385 99 463 7777
Email: info@femel.hr